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  • Drive and Power Supply Technology Vol.55-No.4, 2009

    Fuji Electric has been providing power semiconductors, an important power electronics device, since the mid-1970s, and has provided products containing power electronics as the key technology to various market sectors.

  • Power Generation Plant Vol.55-No.3, 2009

    Since producing our first steam turbine in 1959, Fuji Electric has manufactured more than 532 steam turbines having a total combined output capacity that exceeds 33,039 MW, and has delivered these turbines to various countries throughout the world.

  • Semiconductors Vol.55-No.2, 2009

    Fuji Electric aims to help protect the global environment by commercializing IGBTs, high performance MOSFETs, power diodes, power ICs and the like, and providing optimal solutions for various fields such as the manufacturing, automotive, information and consumer fields.

  • Magnetic Recording Media Photoconductors Vol.55-No.1, 2009

    Fuji Electric was one of the first companies to commercialize perpendicular magnetic recording media, and quickly implemented a vertically integration of its production line and is responding to the expanding market.

  • Low-voltage Distribution Switching Equipment and Monitoring Control Equipment Vol.54-No.4, 2008

    Fuji Electric, the world’s leading manufacturer of electrical components, expands its distinctive line of reliable push buttons, switches and pilot lights with the new 16 mm "minico" series, featuring the shallowest depth in the market for industrial applications.

  • Automation Systems Vol.54-No.3, 2008

    Fuji Electric aims to provide integrated safety solutions that combine machinery safety, control safety and functional safety.

  • Semiconductor Vol.54-No.2, 2008

    Fuji Electric’s power semiconductors contribute significantly to energy savings in electric equipment through higher efficiency power control and a smaller and lighter-weight package.

  • Inverter and Servo Systems Programmable Control Devices and Systems Vol.54 – No.1. 2008

    This issue covers wide range of Fuji Electric's core system control devices, such as the MICREX-SX series of programmable controllers, the MONITUOCH series of HMI displays, the FRENIC series of general purpose inverters etc.

  • Radiologic Equipment and Systems Vol.53 – No. 4, 2007

    Fuji Electric has been manufacturing radiation detectors, radiation measurement devices and radiation monitoring and control systems , and has delivered them to many customers in Japan. this issue focuses especially on the overseas business of radiologic equipment and systems.

  • Semiconductors Vol.53 – No. 3, 2007

    This issue covers Semiconductor technologies that are contributing to automotive industry.

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