Large Size Steam Turbine

Fuji Electric’s large steam turbines (up to 1000 MW) are offered 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder configurations. These condensing steam turbines are optimized for large-scale power plants with coal fired and combined cycle power plants.

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Superiority in operation

  • Blade configuration matching with operation
    • Full-arc admission system provides higher efficiency for entire operation range for sliding pressure operation plant.
    • Nozzle cut-off system provides higher efficiency at low-loads for constant pressure operation plant.
  • High turbine efficiency
    • High efficiency reaction blades with integral shroud as well as twisted and/or 3DS blades.
    • Advanced high-efficiency low-pressure (LP) blades with reliable free-standing design.
  • Simple and large flexibility operation
    • Automatic operation by means of digital governor through start-up, full load, shut down and on-load valve test.
    • Weekly start and stop or daily start and stop operation
    • Large allowable load change rate and cyclic load change
    • Large allowable frequency range at -5 to+3%of rated speed for continuous operation.

High-reliability and long life

  • Safe and high-reliability design
    • Double shell construction in high-pressure (HP) and intermediate-pressure (IP) turbine reduces thermal stress during start-up and large-load change.
    • Triple shell construction in low-pressure (LP) turbine minimizes thermal deformation during operation also effect during start-up and large-load change.
    • Drum type rotor provides high-stability against vibrations.
    • Bearing pedestals separated from the casing minimize influence of casing deformation on shaft vibration.
    • Single-point support bearings provide high-stability against uneven subsiding of foundations.
    • Reaction blades with integral shroud provide high-reliability against steam excitation force.
    • Free-standing LP blades tuned individually avoid resonance and group vibration.

Long life design

  • Full-arc admission control of inlet steams with high-temperature avoids thermal stress and deformation.
  • Thermal stress evaluation system supervises turbine life consumption during start-up period.

Combination of proven components: HP+IP+LP or HP/IP+LP

Turbine type: Reheat Condensing

Exhaust direction: Down or Side

Speed: 3,000 and 3600 rpm

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