Center pivots irrigate in a circular pattern around a central pivot point. Pivots are capable of applying water, fertilizer, chemicals, and herbicides. This versatility can improve the efficiency of irrigation practices by using a single piece of machinery to perform several functions. Traditionally, center pivots have been water-powered; however, today most are operated using electric motors.

AC Drives


Fuji Electric offers energy saving benefits for pivot irrigation systems using our drives to work with and control the motor to pump and rotate the arm around the circle of the crop. These drives can operate from single phase to 3 phase up to 460VAC and can operate at an optimal speed throughout the application. This in turn can reduce overall power and energy consumption in order to minimize operating costs. Fuji Electric is one of the few major manufacturers utilizing our own power components internally, providing consistency and compatibility for future upgrades and reliability, with an industry leading 3-year warranty.