Having fresh, clean water is important for both human and animal civilization as well as agriculture. The goal for Wastewater treatment facilities is to remove as much waste, or substances, from the water in order to return it back to the environment. Fuji Electric provides innovative wastewater ring compressors and treatment blowers for customers in the wastewater market to increase energy efficiency and improve the water filtering process. Scroll down to view which wastewater Ring Compressors & Blowers and Instrumentation & Control products are right for you.

Ring Compressors & Blowers

Fuji Electric provides energy-efficient solutions for wastewater treatment facilities with wastewater management products like our high-pressure blowers and wastewater turbo blowers. Our wastewater ring compressors and treatment blowers are utilized in these facilities to blow water into the bottom of the tank in order to agitate the water to help break down solids more quickly. Fuji Electric’s ring compressors and blowers are manufactured in-house for quality assurance and provide long-lasting reliability with pressures reaching up to 10 psi.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Wastewater Ring Compressors & Blowers Products:

  • Regenerative Blowers – Utilized for aeration of wastewater treatment tanks
    • VFZ Series – A single-stage ring compressor with a maximum pressure of 139 in. H2O, a maximum vacuum of 110 in. H2O and a maximum capacity of 570 SCFM
    • VFB Series – A single-stage ring compressor with a maximum pressure of 90 in. H2O, a maximum vacuum of 110 in. H2O and a maximum capacity of 757 SCFM
    • 2VFB Series – Powered by direct drive TEFC motors ranging from 1.2HP to 11.5HP and operate on a wide range of voltages at 50 or 60 Hz

Ring Compressors & Blowers for Waste Water Management

VFZ Series Ring Compressors

VFB series single stage regenerative blower

VFB Series Ring Compressors


2VFB Series 2-Stage Ring Compressors

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric provides a range of transmitters for pressure, flow and level measurement adapted to aggressive and corrosive fluids. To limit abrasion during purification or mud treatment with loaded water (suspended solids, scum), mountings with flush diaphragm screw-in remote seals are available.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Instrumentation Products:

  • Flow Meters for Fluid – Made use for energy conservation and leak detection; ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters – Results measurements are independent of density, temperature and pressure
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters – For flow of liquids/gases and multi-phase flow measurement; provides exceptional performance in critical flow measurement situations

Instrumentation & Control for Waste Water Management

Flow Meter for Fluid

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Transmitters