Fuji Electric’s AC Drives, Instrumentation and HMI Displays are utilized in the commercial HVAC market to work with individual fans and fan arrays. Our Mini and ACE drives are flexible solutions for fan arrays utilizing either Induction or Permanent Magnet Motors. Our HVAC and HPAQ Standard Packaged Drive products are used for individual fans and our NEMA 3R EcoPak provides a solution for harsh outdoor installation from rooftop locations to farm fields. EcoPAK Panels can be customized to address the most stringent harmonic specifications, building network requirements, and wide temperature ranges. As standard, our NEMA 3R Panels include integral main disconnect with branch circuit protection, including a padlockable through‐the‐door operator handle mechanically interlocked with the enclosure door, control power transformer, and fans and space heaters dependent on the temperature range specified. 

Fuji Electric’s Instrumentation products offer energy performance indicators to allow accurate and continuous monitoring and accurately gauge of the working condition of your equipment. Whereas, our HMI Units provide economical solutions, easy data transfer to BMS software, and easy control, troubleshooting & alarm monitoring.

AC Drives

Fuji Electric’s AC Drives are utilized in the commercial HVAC market to work with individual fans and fan arrays. Our Mini and AC drives are highly used for fan arrays, along with our HPAQ drives are used for individual fans. Applications within HVAC require a very reliable product that can be networked or follow an analog signal from the building automation system. This network reduces any additional wiring to be able to transfer information back to the building. Our NEMA 3R has a standard of 0‐10Vdc or 4‐20mA customer supplied analog input for remote speed reference. Fuji Electric is one of the few major manufacturers utilizing our own power components internally, providing consistency and compatibility for future upgrades and reliability – with a standard 3 year warranty, extendable to 8 years for a nominal additional fee on all drives.

Offering More For You!

  • Variety of high quality VFD products to support Air Handlers, Pumps, Chillers, and Boilers, in different form factors to handle retrofit applications
  • Modified and custom products to address unique environmental & harmonic requirements
  • Customer Service and Inventory on the East and West Coast
  • Tech Support, Technical Training, Engineering, and Panel Shop in Roanoke, VA
  • For large volume OEM’s – we offer private label solutions

Low, Medium and High HP for Commercial HVAC



Low HP: 1/8HP-20HP
Economical auxiliary equipment


Commercial Air Handler applications


Low to high HP: 1/8HP-450HP
Complex applications


Low to high HP: 1/2HP-1,000HP
Complex applications

Instrumentation & Control

In conjunction to the AC Drives running the HVAC system, Fuji Electric’s Instrumentation products are used to measure the hot and cold water and steam from a boiler or chiller. Ultrasonic Flow Meters can measure flow of the water or steam and determine the energy efficiency by calculating K-factor. Zirconia Gas Analyzers are utilized to monitor and maximize the combustion of natural gas to create the steam in a boiler. Differential Pressure Transmitters can measure the gas flow to the boiler. Once the steam has been made the Differential Pressure Transmitter or the Ultrasonic Flow Meters can measure the steam that is generated by the boiler along with measuring the flow of the water.

Offering More For You!

  • Accurate gauge of the working condition of your equipment
  • Energy performance indicators to allow accurate and continuous monitoring of consumption
  • Detect any possible deviations or malfunctions, anticipate failures, and optimize operations

Instrumentation & Control for Commercial HVAC

Flow Meter for Fluid

Flow Meter for Steam

Differential Pressure Transmitters

HMI Units

Fuji Electric is one of the original manufacturers of human machine interfaces (HMI) from Japan since 1988, providing quality and reputable products worldwide. Our HMI Displays aid in keeping you appraised of the health of your HVAC systems. The color touchscreen HMI display provides easy operation, as well as comprehensive information and diagnostics. Fuji Electric HMI’s provide you with the ability to set, monitor, and record all pertinent control parameters. Our V9 MONITOUCH HMI displays can be installed on a range of machines to improve efficiency when manufacturing parts or products for major OEMs. Our user-friendly V-SOFT software is easy to use and allows multiple data management.

HMI for BTU Meter Application:

  • Economical solution
  • Easy Data Transfer to BMS software
  • Easy Control, Troubleshooting & Alarm Monitoring
  • No need of PLC for Calculation

HMI for Compressor Application:

  • Improve machine value
  • Free remote monitoring by PC is available
  • Setting parameters are very easy
  • Can display Error message

HMI Displays for Commercial HVAC

Monitouch HMI V9 Series

Monitouch Technoshot Series