Food Processing

Fuji Electric has provided the essential equipment needed for facilities in the Food & Beverage industry from assembly lines to packaging sectors. Our technology can simplify wiring for factories, measure the pressure when vacuum sealing finished goods, and minimize complex wiring. In addition, Fuji is trusted to improve efficiency, reliability, and sanitary for applications in this segment.

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric provides the necessary equipment for facilities in the manufacturing and packaging sectors of the Food & Beverage industry. Our pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure when vacuum sealing the finished goods in their packaging. Fuji Electric’s transmitters are built custom in-house for quick turnaround and delivery, and can apply a specialized industrial coating for protection against corrosion and sanitary purposes. Flow meters can be used to measure the flowrate in the filling, dosing and mixing by batch process when blending items together in the industry.

HMI Units

Fuji Electric is one of the original manufacturers of human machine interfaces (HMI) from Japan since 1988, providing quality and reputable products worldwide. Our HMI’s can be used for all types of segments in the food and beverage industry from packaging to managing assembly lines. These devices can simplify wiring, minimize complex programming, and allow multiple data management and monitoring for single or multiple devices/factory. Our equipment can communicate multiple industrial communication protocol, while providing single point of monitoring and control. This functionality allows customers the ability to monitor and control multiple devices via HMI and can troubleshoot the machine while off location.

AC Drives

Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-Mini Drive offers extended horsepower (up to 20HP) in a compact design. It is our most user-friendly drive yet, as the performance of the FRENIC-Mini has been improved and comes standard with RS-485, torque vector control, permanent magnet motor, and PID control. Our FRENIC-Mini Drive elevates the performance of a wide range of devices and equipment. Its capabilities give you the system integration, energy efficiency, reduced labor, and lower overall costs.