Nuclear power plants produce 11% of the world’s electricity, making it the second largest source of low-carbon power in the world. The facilities heat water to a boil creating steam that spins large turbines which drives the power for generators to create electricity we use for our everyday lives. Fuji Electric has provided years of experience and expertise for nuclear facilities around the globe to help guarantee efficiency, reliability and safe operations throughout the process.

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric offers a variety of instrumentation products used in the Power Generation industry from gas analyzers to flow meters and pressure transmitters. Our gas analyzers follow EPA requirements to monitor the exhaust from the stack and available for up to 5 gases (CO, CO2, NOx, and Sox, methane and oxygen). Flow meters made by Fuji Electric can be used in Power Plants to monitor the flow for cooling water in nuclear applications and offer high performance measurement in a versatile setup package. Our pressure and temperature transmitters are custom made in-house, Nuclear certified and can work in a variety of applications to measure liquid and gas with a limit up to 21,000 psi.