Os Especialistas de Distribuição e Controle

Welcome to The Distribution & Control Experts!
Susan Smith and Stephen Bottari, our distribution & control experts, will answer some frequently asked questions while providing valuable insights into common challenges, Fuji Electric’s solutions, and the distribution & control market.

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Video Insights
Explain Fuji Electric’s history with Distribution & Control Products.

What are Fuji Electric’s top Distribution & Control products?

Who are Fuji Electric’s Distribution & Control customers?

What benefits do Fuji Electric’s Distribution & Control products provide?

What is Fuji Electric’s “Customer First” philosophy?

What is Fuji Electric’s “Stock Share” program?

What type of information can Fuji Electric’s Distribution & Control customers find online?

What separates Fuji Electric from other companies selling Distribution & Control products?

What is Fuji Electric’s G-Twin Lambda Series of circuit breakers?

What is Fuji Electric’s SK Series of contactors and overload relays?

Meet the Experts
Susan Smith
Fuji Electric D&C Dept. Account Manager

Susan has 28 years of experience with Distribution & Control products and customers.  She services direct accounts and  is responsible for maintaining  suitable inventory for their needs.  She is the first contact for new customers  and provides training for Fuji Electric’s  on-line ordering system.  Susan also provides support for our customer service staff and our distributors regarding all of our product inquiries.

Stephen Bottari
General Manager of Semiconductor, Electronic Distribution & Control, and Photoconductor Departments

Steve has over 30 years in the Power Electronics Components industry; more than 20 of those years associated with Fuji Electric.

He began his career holding positions in Quality Assurance, Reliability and Applications Engineering at Unitrode Corporation and Silicon Transistor Corporation before moving in to Sales. Steve moved through leadership positions in Sales and Sales Management at STC, Semtech Corporation, and Collmer Semiconductor (a Fuji Electric Agent) leading to his General Manager position within Fuji Electric America.

In his current role, Steve blends his extensive customer stewardship and engineering expertise to drive customer and Fuji Electric results.