IHM Perguntas Mais Frequentes

Question: Do you repair panels?

Question: How can I cause the backlight to turn off automatically?

  1. Click on System Setting – Unit Setting
  2. Click on the Backlight tab.  There are several options

Question: What methods can I use to upload and download data to the Monitouch?

Question: Can you change the background color of the screen that you are editing?

Question: How do I display the memory allocated to individual parts on screen?

Question: How can I copy and paste in macro edit?

Question: Is it possible to use a font other than the standard Windows fonts for graphic characters?

Question: What is the difference between a Matrix and an Analog Touch Switch?

Question: How can I change all previously set memory at one time?

Question: How can I neatly arrange parts and characters?

Question: How do I make switch movement free (without snapping to a grid)?

Question: How do I copy the screen?

Question: How can I view the memory that is being used?

Question: How can I customize the function switches?

Question: I set a global macro to run, but it only ran once.  Why?

Question: My keypad does not work with my Data Block.  Why?

Question: I have several items stacked on top of each other.  Is there an easy way to select one of them?

Question: How can I set the panel so that it will automatically try to re-establish communication to the PLC after it is lost?