SiC Devices

SiC devices have excellent characteristics that realize high blocking voltage, low power dissipation, high-frequency operation and high-temperature operation. Power semiconductors that make use of SiC achieve significant reduction in energy consumption, and can be used to develop smaller and lighter products.


The IGBT is a high performance 6th generation IGBT/FWD chipset with a compact design that provides for greater power output. It has environmentally friendly modules with easy assemblage, solder-free options, and RoHS compliance. The IGBT turn-on switching characteristics include: improved noise-loss trade-off, reduced turn-on dv/dt, and excellent turn-on dic/dt. Turn-off switching characteristics include: soft switching […]

Rectifier Diodes

The Ultra Low-IR Schottky-Barrier Diode (SBD) guarantees junction temperature of 175°C. Compared with the conventional low IR series, it offers equivalent VF while IR is reduced to 1/10 or less, enabling a reduced risk of thermal runaway and enhanced reliability at higher temperatures. The Super Low Loss Diode (LLD) series for PFC circuits is an […]

Power Supply Control ICs

The Green Mode PWM-ICs have internal start-up circuits with a 500V/750V rating; low EMI noise by frequency diffusion; linearly reduced switching frequency at light load for low standby power with protection functions. The Green Mode Quasi-Resonant ICs have internal start-up circuits with a 500V rating; intermittent or linearly reduced switching frequency; and protection functions. The […]


Fuji Electric offers a high performance and easy-to-use, easy-to-design planer type power MOSFET achieved by the 2nd generation “Quasi-Plane-Junction” technology. It maintains both low power loss and noise, lower RDS(on) characteristics, more controllable switching dv/dt by gate resistance, smaller VGS ringing waveform during switching, narrow band of the gate threshold voltage, and high avalanche durability.

Automotive Devices

Fuji Electric offers a customized IGBT module for Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle motor control.  We have recently developed a 650V/400A, 650V/600A 6-pack module that features a Direct liquid cooling Cu-base and a Pb-Free compact package, offering higher reliability and a longer lifespan. Our Automotive Pressure Sensors include both Low and High Sensors for […]