The MONITOUCH V10 Series the new standard for high speed HMI. Focusing on the six basic performance aspects of HMI: rendering, operation, communication, startup, transfer, and custom code, the V10 series was developed with the aim of stress-free operation. Industry-leading performance is achieved by adopting quad-core CPUs and optimizing applications. 

Startup: An almost 3 times faster startup, saving lots of waiting time
Rendering: an almost 3 times faster rendering, delivering seamless visuals and smooth interactions
Communication: almost 5 times faster communication capabilities, exchanging data and information more efficiently
Operation Input Response: An almost 1.5 times faster operation input response

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Industry Best Performance

  • 8.4″ to 15″ Display Area
  • Rendering: Highest screen switching speed
  • Operation: Quickest input response time
  • Startup: Shortest startup time from power-on
  • Transfer: highest screen data transfer time
  • Communication: Reduces the reading and writing time of multipoint data
  • Custom Code: Reduces stress during the operation of high-load screens with the highest processing speed for macro command execution

Full Compatibility

  • Minimal development cost in HMI replacement
  • Full compatibility in software
  • Screen assets created for the V9 Series can be easily converted for use in the V10 Series
  • Full compatibility in hardware
  • Panel cutout sizes are fully compatible, specifications of special models remain the same
  • Communication units are fully compatible, communication units (CUR-xx) for V9 Series can be used

Benefits for Every Department

  • Operation & Communication high speed processing of quad -core CPU
  • Allows for stable operation and communication performance even on high-load screens
  • Startup & Transfer advanced storage device (eMMC)
  • Reduced startup/transfer time and man-hours
  • Compatibility panel cutout size and functions
  • Fully compatible with existing V series

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