Reach the Pinnacle of Performance and Reliability

When you work with Fuji Electric, you aren’t just getting a manufacturer of quality products — you’re getting a partner who can support your business to overcome challenges.  That’s what the Pinnacle of Performance and Reliability is all about — products with the best quality, world-class applications expertise, and unwavering dedication to help your business reach new levels of success. 

A Century of Innovation

We are excited to announce the 100th anniversary of “Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd”! In August 1923, our predecessor Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established through the capital and technical partnership of Furukawa Electric of Japan and Siemens of Germany. Did you know that Fuji Electric started manufacturing electrical machinery in 1924? Built its first hydraulic turbine in 1936? For 100 years, Fuji Electric has been in the forefront of technology and energy products.  Our goals to manufacture the highest quality, superbly engineered,  innovative products have been incorporated into the company since the beginning. Read More!




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