Power Supply

Fuji Electric offers OEM power supply systems for a variety of industrial manufacturing capabilities. Critical facilities like data centers rely on Fuji Electric’s to keep their systems running smoothly and reliably, without interruption. Our customized solutions are used in high-end servers, large storage systems, telecom and industrial applications, delivering the power supply that you need to get things done.

Fuji Electric is the Trusted Power Supply Partner You Never Knew You Had.

Project Examples

Application Model Examples Customization
Server Computer & Data Storage 2U Density 12V 4000W 1U Density 12V 2640W 860W Multi-Output 585W 12V/5V + Sys. Fan
  • Custom Form Factor
  • Custom Air Flow Design
  • Scalable / Redundant Use
  • 2-4 output and Standby Power
  • System Cooling Integration
Telecom & Data Center Custom 1U 54V 2500W HVDC Input 2000W
  • DC Input
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Scalable / Redundant
Other 11.5kW 3ph Δ or Y  208VDC 7.5kW 3ph Δ or Y 300VDC
  • Universal / Selectable Input
  • Variable Output Voltage


Support Info

Technical Support: (510) 440-1060 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST) Monday – Friday Customer Service: (510) 440-1060 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST) Monday – Friday