Automated Car Wash AC Drives & HMIs

Fuji Electric supplies high-performance power electronics needed for car wash facilities. The precision control of our AC Drives allow systems to operate at an optimal speed throughout the application, reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs. Scroll below to learn more about the right product for you.

AC Drives

Fuji Electric AC Drives keep up with the growing demand of automate car washes. Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-MEGA provides excellent performance, offering efficiency and reliability required for every aspect of automating processes. Fuji Electric surpasses expectations in keeping systems running, which increase profitability due to low maintenance requirements and longer uptime. Our cost effective, compact solutions meet design requirements to include the 3-year warranty that differentiates Fuji Electric from other manufacturers Fuji Electric has raised the bar for inverter performance with the FRENIC-MEGA variable drive. Offering expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support 1/2 HP up to 1,000 HP AC drive/variable frequency drive (VFD) / v/ Hz vector drive applications – these inverters are designed for long lifecycles and improved maintenance functions.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and robust design as demonstrated by the 50C rating and standard 3-year warranty
  • Simple to adjust the loading on a brush to more easily account for obstructions such as side view mirrors and roof racks
  • Monitors the drives operating data allowing the car wash system manufacturer to make real-time adjustments to account for vehicle differences thereby significantly
    reducing potential damage to vehicles
  • Engineered with harsh environments in mind
  • Ease of programming and troubleshooting

AC Drives for Car Wash






Fuji Electric HMI’s are utilized in car wash applications as our operator panels provide exceptional features, including remote monitoring capabilities and connectivity to popular PLCs including over 20 Ethernet drivers and 8 field bus options. We offer a wide range of displays to suit everything from basic projects to more advanced applications with our V9 Series, Technoshot Series, and our new X1 Series.

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof gasket available (required in car wash applications)
  • IP65/66 rated for washdown
  • Windows applications can be freely operated at production sites with our X1 Series
  • All models in the V9 Series are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots
  • Our Techonoshot Series features an eco-friendly LED back light with a sleek, slim structure

HMI Units for Car Wash

V9 Series

X1 Series

Technoshot Series

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