Having a continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) is imperative for companies in the Manufacturing industry to monitor the use of a gas when creating products or goods. Fuji Electric offers a variety of gas analyzers and flow meters that follow EPA requirements to monitor the exhaust from the spec. These analyzers can monitor up to 6 gases such as CO, CO2, NOx, and Sox, methane and oxygen and offer high performance and reliability.

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric’s instrumentation products provide a variety of solutions for the Chemical and Petrochemical segment. From chemical labs turning natural gas into plastics or synthetics, our products are utilized when processing petroleum or natural gas into finished goods. The flow meters and pressure transmitters can measure the pressures and flowrates for certain gases that are then processed into the finished goods. With a limit up to 21,000 psi, our pressure transmitters are explosion proof and custom made in-house for quick turnaround and delivery.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Instrumentation Products:

  • Gas Analyzers –  For emission monitoring and provides infrared and cross-stack laser process analysis for compliant CEMS and process applications. Models of higher and lower range ratios are available to meet customer project requirements.

Instrumentation & Control for CEMS

CEMS & Process Monitoring Gas Analyzers