Electric Vehicle Semiconductors

Fuji Electric’s semiconductors have played a critical role in the fabrication of electronic devices that are used in our everyday lives for a range of industries. With the advancement in technology over the years, our semiconductors have been able to increase the efficiency in devices as well as reduce the size footprint. Fuji’s semiconductors have been utilized in car charging stations for Type 1, 2, and 3 charging stations, and can operate at a higher temperature. Our 7th generation IGBT technology provides faster switching and offering more reliability. Scroll down to view which Semiconductors products are right for you.


Fuji Electric’s semiconductors play a critical role in the e-mobility market segment including mainstream automotive applications. Our 7th generation RC-IGBT technology advancement enables high-efficiency inverters for EV applications. Our Discrete IGBT XS Series reduces switching loss. Our SiC-SBD increases power efficiency. Fuji Electric’s semiconductors are utilized in car charging stations for Type 1, 2, and 3 charging stations. Our 7th generation IGBT, Discrete IGBT XS Series, and SiC SBD technology provides faster switching and high reliability.

Discrete IGBT XS Series

  • VCE(sat) – Switching Loss Trade-off Improvement – Reduces VCE(sat) by 0.5V and reduces switching loss by 20%
  • Optimized IGBT, FWD – Optimized for approximately fc = 20 kHz operation
  • Ideal for 3-Level Inverters, Bridge Inverters, and PFC Circuits – Reduces inverter loss by 12% compared with previous products

SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

  • Increase Power Efficiency – 18% lower conduction loss than conventional products
  • Enhanced Reliability – 64% higher surge current capability
  • Decrease Device Temperature – Lower conduction loss than products in whole temperature range

The 7th Generation IGBT Modules Achieves All Market Demands!

  • Size Reduction – Size Reduction of IGBT Modules was realized by the 7th Generation Chip & Package Technologies
  • Low Loss Energy – The Inverter Losses of the 7th Generation IGBT Modules were reduced by 10% compared to the 6th Generation
  • High Reliability – Continuous Operating Temperature was Expanded up to 175oC by Improvement of Chip Characteristics & Package Reliability