Fuji Electric’s new UPS7300WX-T3U is an innovative transformer-less UPS designed for data centers and commercial applications, utilizing our patented RB-IGBT Technology and AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit Topology to deliver up to 97.5% efficiency and unparalleled reliability.

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Specification Highlights

  • Efficiency greater than 96% at loads as low as 25%
  • Handles loads from .7 leading PF to .7 lagging PF without de-rating
  • Outstanding voltage and frequency regulation (Voltage +/-1%; Frequency +/-0.01%)
  • 100% unbalanced load capability
  • Voltage regulation for 100% load steps <3%, without utilizing batteries
  • Overload capacity 150% for 1 minute, 125% for 10 minutes


  • Fuji Electric’s exclusive AT-NPC Topology using RB-IGBT Technology in both Rectifier and Inverter
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) Diodes in Rectifier
  • IGBTs handle the added stress that those components endure for superior reliability
  • Selectable High Efficiency (HE) Mode increases efficiency to as high as 99% under normal conditions


  • Redundant fans standard
  • Capacitors are designed for the life of the unit
  • Fully maintainable and repairable with only front access required
  • Comprehensive manageability via large color touch screen and at-a-glance status LEDs
  • Three-Year warranty covers parts and labor

Specifications and Manuals

UPS7300WX-T3U Interactive Features
Fuji Electric’s own Hybrid SiC-IGBT AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit (with RB-IGBT*) Redundant Fans Single Phase, Low-Voltage Power Capacitors on Input and Output High Efficiency Mode: Efficiency 99%

Fuji Electric’s own Hybrid SiC-IGBT

Our SiC-IGBT provides more durability and efficiency without added cost.

AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit (with RB-IGBT*)

Fuji Electric’s patented RB-IGBT reduces conductive losses and reactor losses in a 3-level (T-type) conversion circuit.

*Reverse Blocking IGBT

Redundant Fans

Truly redundant fans in UPM (UPS Power Module) so a fan failure does not send the UPS to bypass/

Single Phase, Low-Voltage Power Capacitors on Input and Output

  • Internal protective device against rupturing

  • Metalized polypropylene film capacitor, encased in epoxy resin, plastic case

  • Lighter than 7000WX, equally durable

  • Designed for the life of the UPS (15 years)

High Efficiency Mode: Efficiency 99%

  • Utility power (bypass) feeds load without using rectifier, inverter

  • Power factor improvement is performed by active filter operation

  • Battery charging is performed from the inverter side

  • In case of utility outage or voltage fluctuation, unit switches to battery supply, transition not to exceed 2 ms

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