The process of manufacturing cement is complex as it requires mining and grinding raw materials, then heated at a high temperature to create the material. Fuji Electric Instrumentation & Control cement manufacturing products are viable during the preheating process offering high-performance measurements with our flow meters. Scroll down to view which AC Drives and Instrumentation & Control products are right for you. Scroll down to view which Ring Compressor & Blower and Instrumentation & Control products are right for you.

Ring Compressors & Blowers

Fuji Electric’s turbo blowers and ring compressors are trusted by our customers. Our ring compressors are capable of up to 10psi for applications that require higher pressure with lower air flow. Additionally, Fuji Electric’s turbo blowers provide a higher air flow with less pressure reaching up to 2psi. Available in stock, Fuji Electric can help you find the right ring compressor and blower for your application quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Ring Compressors & Blowers Products:

  • Regenerative Blowers – Utilized for fluidization of dry cement storage tanks
    • VFZ Series – A single-stage ring compressors with a maximum pressure of 139 in. H2O, a maximum vacuum of 110 in. H2O and a maximum capacity of 570 SCFM

Ring Compressors & Blowers for Cement

VFZ Series Ring Compressors

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric delivers high performance ultrasonic Flow Meters to optimized for 0.5-inch to 234-inch pipe diameters. The portable ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements. The fixed unit offers high performance measurement in a versatile and easy to setup package.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Instrumentation Products:

  • Gas Analyzers and Particle Analyzers – Utilized for emission monitoring. Gas Analyzers provide infrared and cross-stack laser process analysis for compliant CEMS and process applications
  • Magnetic and Ultrasonic Flowmeters – Products are used for batching and mixing operations
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters – Used for flow of liquids and gases as well as multi-phase flow measurement
  • Pressure Transmitters – Used for pressure and flow measurement
  • Temperature Controllers – Provides outstanding control functions which can withstand the adverse effects of overshoot and external disturbances

Instrumentation & Control for Cement

Gas Analyzers

Flow Meter for Air

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Pressure Transmitters

Temperature Controllers