Washer & Dryer Semiconductors

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Fuji Electric’s small Dual In-line Package IPMs with control IC, IGBT driver circuits and protection circuits are suitable for applications such as Refrigerators. The Fuji Small IPM line-up ranges from 15A to 70A at 600V and use Fuji Electric’s new 7th generation IGBT technology. The protection circuits include: Overcurrent, Short-Circuit, Over-Temperature, and a Fault Alarm signal output. The Small IPMs also include an analog Temperature sensor output function.

Small IPM Modules P633A & P642 Features:

  • Realization of lower power loss by the 7thgeneration IGBT technology.
  • Fully isolated small Dual In-Line package
  • Suited for both consumer and industrial applications
  • Built-in drive ICs & Boot Strap Diodes
  • Protection functions: UVLO, SC, OH, V(temp) OUT
  • Continuous operating temperature Tvjop = 150 °C, with time limited Tvjop_tl = 175 °C