Photoconductor Drums

Fuji Electric’s Photoconductor Drums provide outstanding quality for copiers, printers, and other imaging devices.

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Fuji Electric’s ultra-fine lamination technology ensures high performance and high quality.

Our photoconductor (OPC) drum has a layered structure that is ideal for electrophotographic imaging. The ultra-fine layers require extremely precise coating techniques that result in image forming functions with higher sensitivity and higher stability. Fuji is also developing new OPC underlayer resin materials, charge generating materials, and additives for the charge transport layer. Additionally, Fuji Electric has established a system that complies with material safety standards and environmental regulations. This is why FUJI’s products are highly valued and widely accepted.

Fuji Electric has a drum for every application.

Fuji Electric has designed a wide range of OPC’s for printers, copiers and multifunction devices. Regardless of the different technologies used in imaging devices, Fuji has and will continue to master the complexity of OPC material technologies. In order to gain wide acceptance of OPCs in the market, the functional materials, film-formation materials, additives, and other materials must each function properly. Our products are designed with the optimum mutual balance.

Get the competitive edge by taking advantage of Fuji Electric’s continuing R&D of materials and manufacturing technology.

Even with the prevalence of computer networks, the demand for printed media continues to grow.  Fuji Electric is continuously developing new materials for photoconductor drums to produce print images of the highest quality. Fuji Electric has technologies for evaluating various photoconductor properties, including electrical properties, image properties, temperature and humidity properties, and durability. To protect the environment and health, Fuji Electric performs safety tests on all photoconductive materials and confirms the safety via third-party institutions. To achieve the optimum performance from a photoconductor drum, Fuji Electric is also continuing to enhance its precision manufacturing technology. Fuji Electric challenges itself to be innovative in the development and manufacturing of photoconductor drums.

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