Propulsion System

Fuji Electric supplies a high-performance propulsion system that uses an optimized acceleration/ deceleration system by Stator-flux-based vector control. This level of performance provides greater passenger comfort. Fuji Electric’s propulsion systems are being utilized by all models of the Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet train).


Propulsion System for Commuters, Metro, and Local Railcars

  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration by stator-flux-based vector control for greater passenger comfort
  • Minimal maintenance work
  • Superior functions at low-cost

Propulsion System for High Speed Railcars

  • Superior performance, functions, and efficiency
  • Superior stability at high-speed operation
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Low-noise level
  • Smaller size
  • Minimal maintenance work

SiC Device Usage in Propulsion Systems

Fuji Electric’s Propulsion Systems have been in service over the years under diverse environment (including high temperature and high humidity). Fuji Electric has developed and evaluated propulsion converter with SiC devices for High Speed Train in main line test run toward actual utilization