Fuji Electric offers a high performance and easy-to-use, easy-to-design planar type Power MOSFET achieved by the 2nd generation “Quasi-Plane-Junction” technology. It maintains both low power loss and noise, lower RDS(on) characteristics, more controllable switching dv/dt by gate resistance, smaller VGS ringing waveform during switching, narrow band of the gate threshold voltage, and high avalanche durability.

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Low Voltage MOSFETs

  • The main features are low on-resistance and high gate resistance and includes our following products:
    • Automotive Trench MOSFETs
    • High/Low side IPSs

Medium and High Voltage MOSFETs

  • Contributing to the improvement of power supply equipment efficiency, the main features are low on-resistance, low noise and low switching loss and includes the following products:
    • Super J MOS® S2, S2FD Series
    • Super FAP-E3, E3S Series

High-Temperature Operation

  • Achieves continuous operation at 150°C through chip optimization and improved reliability and heat resistance of the package.

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