Food Storage/Industrial Refrigeration
AC Drives, HMI Units, Semiconductors

Fuji Electric supplies high-performance power devices needed for food storage. The food industry is responsible for as much 57% of electricity consumption due to its reliance on cooling circuits. The precision control of our AC Drives allow the refrigeration process to operate at an optimal speed throughout the application, reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs. Our Instrumentation devices measure power consumption and monitor performance indicators. Scroll down to view which of our AC Drives, HMI, Instrumentation, and Semiconductors are best used for this application!

AC Drives

Variable frequency drives make it possible to quickly provide the necessary cooling or heating to maintain a uniform temperature, humidity, air-circulation or fresh air requirements in cold storage while at the same time the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. Using VFDs to control compressors, evaporator and condenser fans, and pumps in these applications provides maximum flexibility, full control and maximum energy efficiency. The initial cooling, processing and cold storage of fresh fruit and vegetables is among the most energy intensive segments of the food industry. Significant levels of refrigerants and heating are needed to slow down spoilage and maintain preharvest freshness and flavor of ripe fruit and vegetables.

Benefits of AC Drives:

  • VFD speed control will reduce the power penalty associated with slide valve, poppet valve or throttling capacity control. On compressors with no capacity control speed control will eliminate other poor control strategies.
  • VFD speed control will reduce wear and tear associated with slide valve action.
  • VFD speed control allows a precise suction pressure to be maintained. With slide valve a broad dead band is often maintained to avoid excessive wear.

AC Drives for Food Storage



Fuji Electric is one of the original manufacturers of human machine interfaces (HMI) from Japan since 1988, providing quality and reputable products worldwide. Our HMI Displays aid in keeping you appraised of the health of your HVAC systems. The color touchscreen HMI display provides easy operation, as well as comprehensive information and diagnostics. Fuji Electric HMI’s provide you with the ability to set, monitor, and record all pertinent control parameters. Our V9 MONITOUCH HMI displays can be installed on a range of machines to improve efficiency when manufacturing parts or products for major OEMs. Our user-friendly V-SOFT software is easy to use and allows multiple data management.

Benefits of HMI Units:

  • Economical solution and Easy Data Transfer to BMS software
  • Easy Control, Troubleshooting & Alarm Monitoring with no need of PLC for Calculation
  • Improve machine value and free remote monitoring by PC is available
  • Setting parameters are very easy and can display error messages

HMI Units for Food Storage

V9 Series

Technoshot Series

Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric offers high performance Pressure Transmitters and has a long heritage of reliable performance with over 1,000,000 FCX series electronic transmitters sold worldwide. Electromagnetic flowmeters are ideally suited for flow measurement of all liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm (20 µS/cm for demineralized water). These meters are very accurate and the flow measurement is independent of density, temperature and pressure of the medium. Fuji Electric’s Temperature Controllers provide outstanding control functions that can withstand the adverse effects of overshoot and external disturbances. This makes it the controller best suited to severe temperature control conditions.

Benefits of Fuji Electric Instrumentation & Control Products:

  • Pressure Transmitters – Used for pressure and flow measurement
  • Flow Meters for Fluid – Made use for energy conservation and leak detection; ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meters – Results measurements are independent of density, temperature and pressure

Instrumentation & Control for Food Storage

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Temperature Controllers


Fuji Electric’s small Dual In-line Package IPMs with control IC, IGBT driver circuits and protection circuits are suitable for applications such as Refrigerators. The Fuji Small IPM line-up ranges from 15A to 70A at 600V and use Fuji Electric’s new 7th generation IGBT technology. The protection circuits include: Overcurrent, Short-Circuit, Over-Temperature, and a Fault Alarm signal output. The Small IPMs also include an analog Temperature sensor output function.

Small IPM Modules P633A & P642 Features:

  • Realization of lower power loss by the 7thgeneration IGBT technology.
  • Fully isolated small Dual In-Line package
  • Suited for both consumer and industrial applications
  • Built-in drive ICs & Boot Strap Diodes
  • Protection functions: UVLO, SC, OH, V(temp) OUT
  • Continuous operating temperature Tvjop = 150 °C, with time limited Tvjop_tl = 175 °C

Semiconductors for Food Storage