IGBT Modules IPM

An IPM incorporates a control IC that has an IGBT drive circuit and a protection circuit, so it is easy to design peripheral circuits and can secure high system reliability.

Suitable for applications such as AC servo, air conditioning equipment and elevators.

There are small-capacity IPM in a 15 A to 30 A/600 V series, and the V-IPM, which cover capacities up to 400 A/600 V and 200 A/1200 V. Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, control power supply voltage drop protection and overheat protection are built in and an alarm signal is output.

IPM Product Number Map

6MBP Ic IGBT series Package Name Size
V-series X-series
6-in-1 (Without Brake-Chopper) 7-in-1 (With Brake-Chopper) 6-in-1 (Without Brake-Chopper) 7-in-1 (With Brake-Chopper)
XSD, XSF Small Capacity IPM 26x43mm
XTA, XTC Small Capacity IPM 31x79mm
XRHA P639 RC-IGBT IPM 36x70mm
VAA XAA P629 IPM 49.5x70mm
VBA XBA P626 IPM 50.2x87mm
XJN P644 IPM 50.2x87mm
VFN XFN P636 IPM 55x90mm
XGN P638 IPM 55x90mm
VDA, VDN XDA, XDN P630 IPM 84×128.5mm
VEA XEN P631 IPM 110x142mm

X-Series IPM Product Lineup

Package Name Package Type 10A 20A 25A 30A 35A 50A 75A 100A 150A 200A 250A 300A 400A 450A
Small Capacity IPM P642 650V
IPM P639 650V
P629 650V
P626 650V
P644 650V
P636 650V
P638 650V
P630 650V
P631 650V

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Small Capacity IPM (Intelligent Power Module) X series 600 V, 650 V Class

IPM (Intelligent Power Module) X series 650 V, 1200 V Class

IPM (Intelligent Power Module) V series 600 V, 1200 V Class

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