Pumps & Valve Controls Semiconductors

Water is utilized in many ways and the management of water can be intricate. Whether the need is for agricultural, commercial, or industrial environments, Fuji Electric provides Pump & Valve Control solutions. Our products will give you complete control of flowing fluids and will increase product quality performance and dependability with reduced leakage. Fuji Electric offers solutions with our new 7th generation IGBT technology Semiconductors to ensure improvement in overall production and result in lasting efficiency throughout your operation. Scroll down to view which Semiconductor products are right for you.



Fuji Electric’s small Dual In-line Package IPM with control IC, IGBT driver circuits and protection circuits is suitable for applications utilizing pump & valve control. The Fuji small IPM line-up ranges from 15A to 35A – 600V and uses Fuji Electric’s new 7th generation IGBT technology. Protection includes: overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature, and control voltage drop-out providing and a fault signal output alarm signal for optimum control.

Small IPM Module P633A & P642 Features:

  • Realization of lower power loss by the 7th generation IGBT technology.
  • Fully isolated small Dual In-Line package
  • Suited for both consumer and industrial applications
  • Built-in drive ICs & Boot Strap Diodes
  • Protection functions: UVLO, SC,OH, V(temp) OUT
  • Continuous operating temperature Tvjop = 150 °C

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