The UPS7000HX-T3U UPS Series includes 300, 400, and 500kVA, 480V 3-phase 3-wire transformer-less systems for critical applications such as data centers and medical facilities.


  • AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit Topology utilizing RB-IGBT technology delivers up to 97.5% efficiency for lower operational cost
  • Handles leading power factor loads (without derating)
  • DC-DC Converter for battery longevity
  • Parallel up to eight units
  • Open architecture for convenient service and maintenance
  • EnergyStar (certified as Ver.1.1, 2017)
  • OSHPD certified
  • Three-Year Warranty for lower cost of ownership

Utility and Generator Compatible

  • Input power factor > 0.99
  • Input Current THD < 5%
  • Wide input voltage range of + 10%, -25% for longer battery life
  • Power Walk-in feature, to avoid step-loading generators
  • Generator Mode, for limiting load on generators

Optimized for the Most Sensitive and Demanding Loads

  • Industry-leading efficiency
  • Efficiency of >95% at 20% load
  • Outstanding voltage and frequency regulation (Voltage +/-1%; Frequency 0.01%)
  • 100% unbalanced load capability
  • Voltage regulation for 100% load steps <3%, without utilizing batteries
  • Overload capacity 150% for 1 minute, 125% for 10 minutes
UPS7000HX-T3U Interactive Features
Fan Trays with Redundant Fans AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit (with RB-IGBT*) Three-Phase, Low-Voltage Power Capacitors on Input and Output Redundant Power Supplies 100% Front Access to All Components Airflow for DC caps and IGBT Heatsinks Only

Fan Trays with Redundant Fans

Every module has a redundant fan, and they are easy to remove from the front.

AT-NPC 3-Level Circuit (with RB-IGBT*)

Fuji Electric’s patented RB-IGBT reduces conductive losses and reactor losses in a 3-level (T-type) conversion circuit.

*Reverse Blocking IGBT

Three-Phase, Low-Voltage Power Capacitors on Input and Output

  • Internal protective device against rupturing

  • Metalized film capacitor, with vegetable oil filler

  • Stainless steel cap, Galvanized steel case

  • Compliant with UL 1778 4th Edition

  • Designed for the life of the UPS (15 years)

Redundant Power Supplies

Power Supplies are redundant so there is no single point of failure in the control power circuit.

100% Front Access to All Components

All components replaceable from the front of the UPS, to make it possible to mount the unit against a wall, or back-to-back.

Airflow for DC caps and IGBT Heatsinks Only

<h4>PCBs isolated from the airflow via a partition, guarding it from conductive and damaging particles in the air. All PCBs are conformal coated.</h4>