Contactors & Thermal Overload Relays

Fuji Electric offers the SK Series Mini Contactors, which is up to 5HP at 480VAC, the SC-E Series Contactors, up to 100HP at 480VAC, and their associated thermal overload relays; the TK12 Series and TK-E Series, respectively. Our flagship contactor lines, The Orange Line and Odyssey Series Contactors are also available. The Orange Line Series is available up to 10HP at 480VAC, while the Odyssey series is available up to 300HP at 480VAC. The Orange Line/Odyssey Series’ features the electrically-controlled Super Magnet operation, leading to a no unstable zone. The unstable zone is where chattering, contact welding, or coil burning often occurs. The Super Magnet accepts either AC or DC coil control voltage.