Industrial Laundry

AC Drives are commonly used in commercial laundry equipment for their ability to control the speed of electric motors. They also enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide better control over operations. Scroll down to view the right AC Drive for you.

AC Drives

Fuji Electric’s AC Drives play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, energy efficiency, and operational flexibility of commercial laundry equipment. They contribute to cost savings, reduce environmental impact, and improve the overall reliability of laundry systems. By adjusting the motor speed according to the load and operational requirements, VFDs help optimize energy consumption and extend the lifespan of the equipment. They also allow for precise control of motor speed, preventing unnecessary energy consumption when full speed is not required.

This contributes to energy savings and overall operational efficiency. VFDs provide the flexibility to customize washing cycles by adjusting motor speeds, ensuring that each load is treated appropriately. Monitoring motor parameters allows for early detection of issues, reducing downtime and preventing costly equipment failures. Using VFDs in commercial laundry equipment helps businesses meet sustainability goals and adhere to energy efficiency standards.

Features & Benefits of Fuji Electric AC Drives:

  • Motor Control:  Regulate the speed of electric motors in washers, dryers, extractors, and other laundry equipment
  • Energy Efficiency: Enable soft starts and stops, reducing the energy demand during motor acceleration
  • Customized Washing Cycles: In laundry equipment, different fabrics and loads may require varying levels of agitation, spin speed, or drying time
  • Load Balancing: Help distribute the load evenly, preventing overloads and optimizing the use of available power
  • Maintenance Benefits: By controlling motor speed and providing real-time performance data, VFDs can contribute to predictive maintenance strategies
  • Environmental Compliance: Control motor speed based on demand aligns with energy efficiency requirements and environmental regulations