IGBT Modules

Fuji Electric’s IGBT Module (or insulated-gate bipolar transistor) is a high-performance 7th generation IGBT/FWD chipset with a compact design that provides for greater power output. It has environmentally friendly modules with easy assemblage, solder-free options, and RoHS compliance. The IGBT inverter turn-on switching characteristics include improved noise-loss trade-off, reduced turn-on dv/dt, and excellent turn-on dic/dt. Turn-off switching characteristics include soft switching behavior and turn-off oscillation free.

Low Loss

The module has been optimized by thinning the thickness and miniaturizing the structure of the IGBT chip and diode chip that makes up the module. This reduces power losses during inverter operation.


The application of the newly developed insulating substrate has improved the heat dissipation of the module. A smaller footprint of about 36% has been achieved by reducing power loss and suppressing heat generation.

High-Temperature Operation

Achieves continuous operation at 175°C through chip optimization and improved reliability and heat resistance of package.

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