Solar power is created by using energy from the sun and converted into thermal or electrical energy making this the cleanest renewable energy source available. Solar technologies can channel this energy for a variety of uses, such as generating electricity, providing light for a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for commercial or industrial use. Fuji Electric has provided solutions for solar power by utilizing our technology in photovoltaics to store energy from the sun in order to produce power. Scroll down to view which Semiconductor products are right for you.


Power semiconductors play a vital role in the energy conversion systems for wind, solar and other renewable energy applications.  Our state-of-the-art high-quality IGBT technology convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) with high-efficient and high-reliability. Fuji Electric’s 7th generation IGBT semiconductors permit 175 degrees C maximum continuous temperatures (Tjop).

The 7th Generation IGBT Modules Achieves All Market Demands!

  • Size Reduction – Size Reduction of IGBT Modules was realized by the 7th Generation Chip & Package Technologies
  • Low Loss Energy – The Inverter Losses of the 7th Generation IGBT Modules were reduced by 10% compared to the 6th Generation
  • High Reliability – Continuous Operating Temperature was Expanded up to 175oC by Improvement of Chip Characteristics & Package Reliability