Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation is done by either rotor sprinklers or spray sprinklers. These Sprinklers are effective for both small and large farms and are suitable for any slope, and they can irrigate any field crop and row crop. This irrigation is fit for most types of soil, especially those with high infiltration. Fuji Electric VFDs and Instrumentation & Control products are utilized in this segment as they conserve water and improve the quality and quantity of produce. Scroll down to view which AC Drives and Instrumentation & Control products are right for you.

AC Drives

Fuji Electric drives can operate from single phase to 3 phase up to 460VAC and can operate at an optimal speed throughout the application. This in turn can reduce overall power and energy consumption in order to minimize operating costs. Fuji Electric is one of the few major manufacturers utilizing our own power components internally, providing consistency and compatibility for future upgrades and reliability, with an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fuji Electric VFDs varies the pump speed to provide constant discharge pressure and are reliable and by adding to a pump can provide consistent pressure control
  • Cuts operating costs and adding flexibility to an existing irrigation system also consumes less energy input and have the same pressure and/or flow with more precise control
  • Eliminates water hammer in the mainline and less wear and tear on the motor and pump bearings; also come with remote start so pumps can be started or stopped anywhere
  • Valves can be turned on or off in the field and the VFD-controlled pump will respond automatically, saving trips to the pump

AC Drives for Sprinkler Irrigation




Instrumentation & Control

Fuji Electric’s instrumentation products provide a variety of solutions for the Irrigation segment. Our Differential Pressure Transmitter offers customers an ideal solution for high pressure applications, utilizing a unique micromachined capacitive silicon sensor with state of the art microprocessor technology. The range of the Fuji Electric flow meters offer high accuracy. Battery powered units available for remote monitoring of instantaneous flow and totalization. Web connectivity for remote control and data collection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flow Meters for Fluid – Made use for energy conservation and leak detection; ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters – Results measurements are independent of density, temperature and pressure
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters – For flow of liquids/gases and multi-phase flow measurement; provides exceptional performance in critical flow measurement situations

Instrumentation & Control for Sprinkler Irrigation

Flow Meters for Fluid

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Transmitters