Flow Meters for Fluid

Fuji Electric delivers high performance ultrasonic Flow Meters to optimized for 0.5-inch to 234-inch pipe diameters. The portable ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements. The fixed unit offers high performance measurement in a versatile and easy to setup package. The Duosonics model is a hybrid pulse doppler-transit time unit for irregular profiles, non-Newtonian flows, and applications lacking sufficient upstream/downstream straight run mounting requirements.

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Brochures & Catalogs:

Model Description Catalog Datasheet Instruction Manual Basic Instruction Manual Communication Function  Software
FLR Ultrasonic Flowmeter
M-Flow PW
21A1-E-0018 EDSX6-143h TN3FLRb-E TN5A1563-E
FLY Signal Cable 21A1-E-0018 EDSX6-143h
FSC Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter Portaflow C 21A1-E-0009d EDS6-153b TN4FSC-E TN5A3429a-E
FSS Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector 21A1-E-0018 EDSX6-143h TN1FSSe-E
FST Spool Piece Ultrasonic Flowmeter 21A1-E-0089c EDS6-152e
 TN1FSTd-E TN52746b-E 
FSV/FSD Ultrasonic Flowmeter TIME DELTA-C   21A1-E-0016b EDSX6-142g TN2FSVb-E TN5A1564-E
FSV Ultrasonic Flowmeter TIME DELTA-C Advanced Type  21A1-E-0024  EDS6-148e TN2FSVLa-E  TN5A1951-E
FSG  Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector TN1FSGb-E

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