19 Inch Rackable Control Panel Power Supply


19 Inch Rackable Control Panel Power Supply

19 inch Rackable, Thin, Power Supply. High Reliability with Redundant Internal System.


  • Modularizing the power supply enables redundancy.
  • Saving space by 58% with 2U/3U.
  • Easier Installation with connectors and 19 inch rack mountability.
  • Easier maintenance by replacing airfilter fan unit.
  • High compatibility with existing equipment.
  • System enhancement and sofistication by utilizing more space.


Product 10A 20A 40A
Model FH00240JAD-W-E-024 FH00482JAD-W-E-024 FH00960JAD-W-E-024
Input Voltage Single Phase AC 100 – 240V
Output Voltage DC 24V (+/- 1V) DC 24V
Output Current 03 – 10A 06 – 20A 12 – 40A
Redundancy Applicable
Cooling Forced Air cooling with internal fan unit
(W x H x D)
440 x 79 (2U) x 200 mm 440 x 132.5 (3U) x 200 mm
Weight 4.3 kg 4.4 kg 6.9 kg
Expected Life 10 years with 25 celcius environment & periodic maintenance units replacement
Replacement Unit Fan Unit and Air filter
Safety UL60950-1, CE (EN60950-1), Polution Degree 2, OVC III, LVD/EMC