Fuji Electric Power Semiconductors devices have been made thinner and miniaturized to optimize the device structure. This has reduced the power loss during inverter operation compared with the conventional products. Overall, this contributes to energy saving and power cost reduction on the equipment on which the module is installed such as Elevators.



Fuji Electric’s IGBT IPM X-Series provides reduction of losses and improvement of energy efficiency by optimizing 7th generation IGBT technology for IPM. The power range is from 20 A to 450 A at 650 V and 10 A to 300 A at 1200 V. Our Semiconductors allow you to optimize control as our products embedded driver IC for optimum control and protection functions.

There has been a strong demand for energy savings, miniaturization, space savings, and increased reliability in industrial equipment and devices. To meet this demand, Fuji Electric developed the 7th Generation “X Series” IGBT Module.

IGBT IPM X-Series Features:

  • One wire provides three alarm signals: over-current, over-heating, under-voltage
  • Temperature sensor analog output and warning function
  • 6in1 and 7in topology (full inverter + brake)
  • High temperature operating (Tj=175 °C)
  • Reduced turn-on loss at high temperature operation by drive control