Wind Power Generation

IGBT Modules for Double Fed and Direct Drive Systems with Double, Direct and Direct + Multi-Level Configuration Examples


IGBT Modules for 2-Level and NPC 3-Level Inverters with Conversion Circuit Examples


600V, 1200V, and 1700V IGBT Modules for General-Purpose Inventors with Circuit Configuration Example

MV (Medium-Voltage Inverters)

3.3kV, 6.6kV and 10kV IGBT Modules with Main Circuit Examples


Engine, Headlight, Interior Light, AV & Accessory, HEV Motor, Transmission, Brake and Steering Control Products


High Power Modules (HPM), PrimePACK™, IGBGT Modules and Choppers with Circuit Examples

Welding Machines

Boost Chopper, Half-Bridge and Discrete IGBTs with Circuit Examples

NC / Servos

600V and 1200V IGBT Modules for General-Purpose Servos with Circuit Configuration

Home Appliances

Air Conditioners, Regrigeration, and Smart Vacuum Cleaners

Air Conditioner

IGBT Modules for Air Conditioner Outdoor Units with Circuit Configuration


600V and 1200V IGBT Modules with Circuit Example

Switching Power Supplies

Flyback and Forward Convert Circuit Configurations

PC / Servers

Notebook Flyback and Desktop / Server Forward and Double Forward Converter Circuit Configurations

Flat-screen TVs

Flyback and Current Resonance Converter Circuit Configurations

LED Lighting

Flyback and Current Resonance Converter Circuit Configurations

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