Wind Power Generation

Wind turbine generators create power from natural wind. They are becoming more popular globally as a clean method of power generation that is environmentally friendly.

Wind turbines with increased blade lengths to raise the amount of power generated per turbine are becoming the mainstream type of power generator. The output power of wind power generators is converted to DC power in an AC/DC converter, and then converted from DC power to commercial frequency AC power by an inverter.Fuji Electric supplies IGBT modules that are suitable for conversion circuits that are required to have a large capacity.

Wind Power Generation Configuration Example

pology Double Direct Direct + Multi level
Configuration Double Configuration Example Direct Configuration Example Direct + Multi level Configuration Example
Efficiency 89% 90% 93%
Cost 100% 98~100% 90~95%
Quality Low High High
Gear box Need Not need Not need
Step up Transformer Need Need Not need
Generator Induction Synchronous Synchronous +Multi winding
15~30% 100% 100%
IGBT 1700V/450A~1000A 1700V/1000A~3600A 3300V/150A~400A

Wind Power Generation IGBT Modules

Double fed system

IGBT modules proposal for Double fed system

Direct drive system

IGBT modules proposal for Direct drive system