Welding Machines

Welding machines are devices to melt and integrate by adding heat or pressure to two or more metallic members. Welding machines are used in applications such as automobile body welding, as well as spot welding that creates a bond by feeding an electric current while crimping metal to melt the metal with the generated resistance heat.

Boost Chopper Circuit

Ic [A] IGBT Model type
200 1MBI200HH-120L-50
300 1MBI300HH-120L-50
400 1MBI400HH-120L-50

Half-Bridge Circuit

Ic [A] IGBT Model type Application Example
100 2MBI100HB-120-50 Fig. 1 – Fig. 3
100 2MBI100HJ-120-50 Fig. 4
150 2MBI150HH-120-50 Fig. 1 – Fig. 3
150 2MBI150HJ-120-50 Fig. 4
200 2MBI200HH-120-50 Fig. 1 – Fig. 3
200 2MBI200HJ-120-50 Fig. 4
300 2MBI300HJ-120-50 Fig. 4