General-Purpose Inverters

General-purpose inverters are power conversion equipment for carrying out variable-speed operation of motors in products such as belt conveyors, fans and pumps. This equipment is continuously evolving with cost reductions, miniaturization, and high precision and functionality through vector control. This page provides information on Fuji Electric products suitable for general-purpose inverters

Circuit Configuration of General-Purpose Inverters


Recommended Devices for General-Purpose Inverter

Please select a device that corresponds to the input voltage in your area of usage.
A list will be displayed of IGBT module models suitable for use with general-purpose inverters.
Refer to the product data sheet of each model type.

IGBT Module 600V Device Suitable for General-Purpose Inverters

IGBT Module 1200V Device Suitable for General-Purpose Inverters

IGBT Module 1700V Device Suitable for General-Purpose Inverters

Motor rating Device rating IGBT Model type
kW 6-pack 2-pack x 3
11 1700V/75A 2MBI75VA-170-50
15 1700V/75A 2MBI75VA-170-50
18.5 1700V/75A 2MBI75VA-170-50
22 1700V/100A 6MBI100U4B-170-50 2MBI100VA-170-50
30 1700V/100A 6MBI100U4B-170-50 2MBI100VA-170-50
37 1700V/150A 6MBI150U4B-170-50 2MBI150VH-170-50
45 1700V/150A 6MBI150U4B-170-50 2MBI150VH-170-50
55 1700V/200A 2MBI200VH-170-50
90 1700V/300A 2MBI300VH-170-50
110 1700V/400A 2MBI400VE-170-50