UPS (uninterruptible power supply) prevent system shutdown during power outages and instantaneous power failures that occur to the computer systems of banks, medical facilities of hospitals and so on. General UPS systems are composed of batteries and an inverter that uses IGBT. Power supplies are required to have high reliability and high efficiency. This page provides information on Fuji Electric semiconductors suitable for UPS.


IGBT Module 600V Device Suitable for UPS

Motor rating Device Rating IGBT Model type
kW   PIM 6-pack 2-pack x 3
1.5 600V/20A 7MBR20VKC060-50
2.2 600V/30A 7MBR30VKC060-50
3.7 600V/50A 7MBR50VKD060-50 6MBI50VA-060-50
5.5 600V/75A 7MBR75VP060-50 6MBI75VA-060-50
7.5 600V/75A 7MBR75VP060-50 6MBI75VA-060-50
600V/100A 7MBR100VP060-50 6MBI100VA-060-50 2MBI100VA-060-50
11 600V/100A 7MBR100VP060-50 6MBI100VA-060-50 2MBI100VA-060-50
600V/150A 7MBR150VR060-50 6MBI150VB-060-50 2MBI150VA-060-50
15 600V/150A 7MBR150VR060-50 6MBI150VB-060-50 2MBI150VA-060-50
18.5 600V/200A 2MBI200VA-060-50
22 600V/200A 2MBI200VA-060-50
30 600V/300A 2MBI300VB-060-50
37 600V/400A 2MBI400VB-060-50
45 600V/400A 2MBI400VD-060-50
600V/600A 2MBI600VD-060-50
55 600V/600A 2MBI600VD-060-50

UPS Converter & Inverter IGBT Module Application Example 1200V Device

Rated Output Capacity Device Rating IGBT Module Model type
kVA   6-pack 2-pack
7.5 1200V/35A 6MBI75VA-060-50
10 1200V/50A 6MBI50VA-120-50
15 1200V/75A 6MBI75VA-120-50 2MBI75VA-120-50
20 1200V/100A 6MBI100VA-120-50 2MBI100VA-120-50
30 1200V/150A 6MBI180VB-120-50 2MBI150VA-120-50
50 1200V/200A 6MBI225V-120-50 2MBI200VB-120-50
75 1200V/300A 6MBI300V-120-50 2MBI300VD-120-50
100 1200V/400A 6MBI450V-120-50 2MBI400VD-120-50