Data Centers

Data centers that are comprised of computer systems, telecommunications equipment and storage system can often use as much electricity as a small town. This type of hyper-scale operation requires the use of reliable power protection equipment that will perform without failure or interruption, which is why Fuji Electric is the partner of choice for these critical facilities. Fuji Electric provides powerful and efficient equipment necessary to support data center systems of any size.

Our high-efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems are used to provide continuous, clean power to data centers in order to protect information for brick-and-mortar businesses, data centers, financial institutions and other companies. In addition, our Drives, HMI Displays, and Semiconductors are used for powering and controlling equipment in such applications. Scroll down to view which UPS,  AC Drives, HMI Units and Semiconductors products are right for you.


Fuji Electric’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provides critical protection for data centers and telecommunication equipment in mission critical applications. Uninterruptible power systems protect data when needed most such as financial institutions and additional applications. Our UPS units have been proven to be reliable as well as increase efficiency with a space-saving design to reduce the footprint size. Our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provides flexibility in being able to use different types of batteries, low cost of maintenance, and can communicate status and alarms with either programmable contacts, or over telemetry via a choice of many protocols. The color touchscreen HMI display provides easy operation the UPS system, as well as comprehensive information and diagnostics.

UPS for Data Centers

AC Drives

Fuji Electric AC Variable Frequency Drives provide reliable speed control of the numerous air handlers and pumps associated with keeping your Data Center cool and operating reliably. Our Drives are rugged, durable, and capable of operating at 100% full power. Fuji Electric backs their AC Drives’ reliability with an industry leading 3-year warranty. Our drives are very reliable and rugged for mounting in outdoor Nema 3R enclosures, provide full load operation in 50 Degree Celsius environment and backed by a 3 year warranty. We also offer a wide power range from 1hp to 1000hp at 460v and single module core drive for high power applications including 500hp to 1000hp.

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Features & Benefits

External heat sink to the control cabinet on all power ranges
Full featured Keypad with three simultaneous running parameters displayed
Many maintenance friendly features for troubleshooting and field serviceability
Provides a higher HP range
Advanced communications capabilities and customizable logic
Dynamic braking options are also of interest where a vertical load is applicable

AC Drives for Data Centers





HMI Units

Fuji Electric HMI’s provide the ability to closely monitor energy usage, and system status. Our HMI Displays aid in keeping you appraised of the health of your Data Center HVAC systems. The color touchscreen HMI display provides easy operation, as well as comprehensive information and diagnostics.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Operation Log Function – Allows viewing of the operation procedures that cause defects and production settings based on the date and time manufactured
  • Recipe Function – Data can be read or written with ease; Recipe data can be stored in CSV files on a storage device connected to MONITOUCH
  • PLC 8-Way communication – Programs for connection and control are not required and number of units can be reduced
  • MES Function – Creating a separate program (Macro) on MONITOUCH allows notifications of replacement periods by tallying data in the database
  • Device Memory Map – Reduce the work hours required to create transfer programs. Improved operation responsiveness
  • Trend Graph – The screen overlaid with trend graphs can be updated allowing variations in production to be noticed using statistical process control (SPC)
  • Ladder Transfer – Check and change ladders by connecting a PC to the V9 while leaving the cable between the PLC and V9 connected
  • PDF Viewer – Paperless reduces paper costs and improves work efficiency since going back and forth between the cleanroom and office is not required
  • VNC Function – This enables large machines and long lines, to be operated while also monitoring
  • VPN Remote Access – Local situation can be analyzed and the time & expenses for dispatching employees can be reduced

HMI Displays for Data Centers

Monitouch V9 Series

Monitouch Technoshot Series


Fuji Electric’s semiconductors provide energy efficiency with our state-of-the-art IGBT technology creating more reliability for your application. Our IGBT modules and semiconductors offer 175 degrees C maximum continuous temperatures (Tjop) to help power and control equipment.

The 7th Generation IGBT Modules Achieves All Market Demands!

  • Size Reduction – Size Reduction of IGBT Modules was realized by the 7th Generation Chip & Package Technologies
  • Low Loss Energy – The Inverter Losses of the 7th Generation IGBT Modules were reduced by 10% compared to the 6th Generation
  • High Reliability – Continuous Operating Temperature was Expanded up to 175oC by Improvement of Chip Characteristics & Package Reliability

Semiconductors for Data Centers

IGBT Modules