Power Electronic Equipment for Rolling Stock

Rolling stock use many different types of power electronic equipment such as main motor drives, auxiliary power supply units, air conditioning equipment and door operating devices. This page provides information on Fuji Electric power semiconductor products that are ideal for the power electronics of railroad cars.

Main Converter Circuit Example

These are examples of the main motor drive circuit configuration. The voltage may be either AC or DC. For AC, after passing through the transformer, the power is converted to DC by the PWM converter and then the main motor is driven by the VVVF inverter.

Example of Main Converter for AC Powered Trains

Example of Main Converter for DC Powered Trains


Example of Feeding Voltage

Segment City Railroads Intercity Railroads
Area Subway & LRV Electric Trains High-speed Vehicles
Europe DC600V/DC750V/DC825V/DC1500V DC1500V/DC3000V/AC15kV/AC25kV AC25kV
Western Europe DC600V/DC750V/DC1500V DC1500V/DC3000V/AC15kV/AC25kV AC15kV/AC25kV
Eastern Europe DC600V/DC750V DC1500V/DC3000V/AC25kV
CIS DC600V/DC750V/DC825V DC1500V/DC3000V/AC25kV AC25kV
North America DC600V/DC750V AC25kV
Central and South America DC600V/DC750V/DC1500V/DC3000V DC3000V
Asia & Pacific Region DC600V/DC750V/DC1500V DC1500V/AC20kV/AC25kV AC25kV
Middle East & Africa DC750V/DC1500V DC3000V/AC25kV
Global DC750V/DC1500V DC1500V/AC25kV AC25kV

Auxiliary Power Supply Circuit Example

Example of Auxiliary Power Supply for AC Powered Trains

Example of Auxiliary Power Supply for DC Powered Trains

Segment City Railroads Intercity Railroads
Specifications Subway & LRV Subway Electric Trains High-speed Vehicles
Specifications Asia specifications
(China, Southeast Asia)
North America specifications
Asia specifications
(Australia and Japan)
Global specifications
Input voltage DC750V DC600V DC1500V AC440V
(Main transformer tertiary)
Output voltage AC440V, 3φ, 60Hz AC120V,1φ,60Hz×15kVA AC440V, 3φ, 60Hz AC440V, 3φ, 60Hz
DC37.5V x 20kW
Capacity 90kVA/160kVA 40kVA 180kVA/260kVA 180kVA/210kVA
Cooling System Self-cooling Forced air cooling Self-cooling Forced air cooling
Efficiency 95% or higher 95% or higher 95% or higher 95% or higher
Noise 62dB(A) 70dB(A) 62dB(A) 68dB(A)
Miniaturization ≧ 80 kVA/m3 ≧ 100 kVA/m3 ≧ 120 kVA/m3 ≧ 120 kVA/m3

Fuji Electric Power Semiconductor Products

HPM (High Power Modules)


AlSiC Baseplate (High reliability type)



Cupper Baseplate (Standard type)





Note: ‌PrimePACK™ is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies AG, Germany.

2-Pack VCES = 1200V

2-Pack VCES = 1700V

Step Up Chopper

Step Down Chopper

IGBT 1-Pack

1200V 1700V
Aluminium oxide DCB Aluminium nitride DCB Aluminium oxide DCB
300A 1MBI300V-170-50
400A 1MBI400V-120-50 1MBI400VF-120-50 1MBI400V-170-50
600A 1MBI600V-120-50 1MBI600VF-120-50 1MBI600V-170-50
900A 1MBI900V-120-50

IGBT 2-Pack

Standard 2in1 VCES = 1200V

Standard 2in1 VCES = 1700V

Dual XT VCES = 1200V

Dual XT VCES = 1700V


1700V 3300V
450A 2MBI450XVF330-50
1000A 2MBI1000XVF170-50
1200A 2MBI1200XVF170-50


High Speed IGBT Modules

Chopper VCES = 1200V