Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB)

Fuji Electric offers the new UL489 ELCB G-TWIN (Lambda) Series boasts a higher performance and a compact design; optimal for semiconductor equipment. A dedicated 2Pole ELCB with the dimension width of 36mm (3Pole = 54mm width) has also been achieved. It has the rated current ranging from 5-50A, at 240VAC. We also offer the UL489 […]

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Fuji Electric offers the UL489 MCCB GLOBAL-TWIN (G-TWIN) Series, providing the ultimate compact design, value and use anywhere in the world. It’s more compact than any breaker on the market, so control panels take up less space. It has a rated current of 3-800A, Max 600V. We also offer the new UL489 MCCB G-TWIN (Lambda) […]

Contactors & Thermal Overload Relays

Fuji Electric offers the SK Series Mini Contactors, which is up to 5HP at 480VAC, the SC-E Series Contactors, up to 100HP at 480VAC, and their associated thermal overload relays; the TK12 Series and TK-E Series, respectively. Our flagship contactor lines, The Orange Line and Odyssey Series Contactors, are also available. The Orange Line Series […]

Manual Motor Starters

The BM3 Motor Starter Series has circuit breaker and overload relay functions, meets cUL listed group installation regulations of national electrical code, and reduces the number of circuit breakers or fuses in your motor control panel. Fuji Electrics’s MMS can be combined with the SC-E series contactor for a combination starter. Fuji’s MMS type E […]

Pushbutton Switches & Pilot Lights

The AH164, AH165 and AH165-2 switches are very compact (16mm), highly reliable, short depth, bright, long-life lamps, finger-size push buttons come in various types and colors. The new AR22 and DR22 switches provide improved usability, such as easier mounting and a reduced size (22/25mm). The new AR30 and DR30 switches (30mm) provide various improvements in […]