Biogas Energy and Gas Analysis Meter

The Biogas Energy and Gas Analysis Meter is a measurements monitoring system for energy, pressure, temperature, flow, net calorific value, and gas analysis on biogas application. The Biogas Unit provides all-in-one monitoring system, full traceability, and accurate and reliable measurement.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Inductive electromagnetic flowmeters are best suitable for flow measurements of fluids with electrical conductivity from 5 μS/cm (20 μS/cm for demineralized water). The range of the Fuji Electric flow meters offer high accuracy. Results measurements are independent of density, temperature and pressure. The operating principle of the electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s law of magnetic induction.

Flow Meters for Steam

Introducing the world’s first clamp-on type saturated steam flow measurements. Our flow meters contribute to “visualization” of steam flow and works in combination with EMS to optimize energy saving and achieve energy savings. Fuji Electric’s Flow Meters for Steam are installable without turning off steam line (no piping work required), effective use of steam energy […]

Advanced Sensors & MEMS Fabrication

Fuji Electric Finetech components provide a full service MEMS foundry and cross functional sensor device development expertise. Microstructure and thin film design and rapid prototyping services offer the most innovative microsensors and collaborative sensor design and processing solutions for Fuji Electric’s global internal and external advanced sensor customers.

Flow Meters for Air

Fuji Electric’s Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Air utilizes ultrasonic measurement and features a built-in lithium battery, eliminating the need for power supply construction. Highly efficient due to zero pressure loss, the meter also includes forward/reverse measurement capability and a wide range of diameters.


Fuji Electric’s digital video graphic recorders offer premium features at highly competitive prices. Models are available from 3 to 36-point inputs, with mathematic calculations included as standard functions. The traditional microjet chart recorder uses six-color channel recording having no apparent phase difference and can print many kinds of symbols, including figures and letters. The PHA […]

Temperature Controllers

Fuji Electric’s PX Series Temperature Controllers provide outstanding control functions. This controller features fuzzy control that can withstand the adverse effects of overshoot and external disturbances. This makes it the controller best suited to severe temperature control conditions. In addition to providing a waterproof structure, this controller offers you a broad selection of sizes, thereby […]

Flow Meters for Fluid

Fuji Electric delivers high performance ultrasonic Flow Meters to optimized for 0.5-inch to 234-inch pipe diameters. The portable ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for flow surveys, verifications, and energy/BTU measurements. The fixed unit offers high performance measurement in a versatile and easy to setup package. The Duosonics model is a hybrid pulse doppler-transit time unit […]

CEMS & Process Monitoring Gas Analyzers

Fuji Electric’s CEMS & Process Monitoring Gas Analyzers provide infrared and cross-stack laser process analysis for compliant CEMS and process applications. Multi-component infrared analyzers are available for up to 5 gases, including CO, CO2, NOx, and SOx, methane, and oxygen. Models of higher and lower range ratios are available to meet customer project requirements. In […]

High Static Differential Pressure Transmitters

Fuji Electric’s Differential Pressure Transmitter offers customers an ideal solution for high pressure applications, such as those found in the Oil & Gas industry. Utilizing a unique micromachined capacitive silicon sensor with state of the art microprocessor technology, the transmitter provides exceptional performance and functionality in critical flow measurement situations. The innovative design of the […]