What is the trade-off relation of the IGBT power devices?

The trade-off relationship of an IGBT describes the relation between ON-state conduction losses, switching losses and short circuit withstand capability. An IGBT can be optimized for either one. For example, when reducing the conduction losses, the switching losses will increase and the short circuit withstand capability decrease.

What is the maximum terminal temperature of the IGBT module?

Its maximum rated terminal temperature is 125oC. However, the allowable maximum terminal temperature of Fuji PrimePACK TM is 150oC.

When configuring a 3-level converter with T-type, what is the difference between using Fuji Electric orginal RB-IGBT in the AC-switch and using regular IGBT and FWD?

The big benefit of using RB IGBT is that the number of elements that the current goes through is smaller compared with the conventional methods. This leads to a reduction of conductance losses.

Do current IGBT modules still cause a latch-up?

IGBTs developed in recent years are designed to not cause latch-up within a range of normal usage.

“What is the difference between E-type and P-type of PrimePACKTM?
Example) 2MBI1400VXB-120E-50, 2MBI1400VXB-120P-50″

“In these two different module types different chips are used. E-type: Standard type P-type: Soft switching type suppressing turn-off surge voltage”

What is the plating material for soldering terminals? (PINS?)

Please contact Fuji Electric Corp. of America or your local sales representative or distributor to answer your question.

What is the time dependency of I2t (IFSM)?

Values of I2t and IFSM described in the specification/data sheet shall be the guaranteed value for the half-sine 10ms surge current waveform. For I2t and IFSM for other wavefrom or condition, please contact us.

What are the values of wiring resistance and inductance in the package?

“The resistance of the main current wiring in the module can be calculated from the values of VCEsat and VF of the terminal and the chip shown in the data sheet. Example: 2MBI600XNE120-50 (Tvj=25oC, Ic=600A) VCEsat (terminal) = 2.20V, VCEsat (chip)=1.45V Internal wiring resistance Rint = (2.20V-1.45V)/600A=1.25mΩ Please contact us for the value of internal […]

What is the difference between a beige module case and a black module case.

The color is not important from technical point of view. All elder modules including the 5th generation module (U Series) are black. Starting with the 6th generation module (V Series) a natural color (beige) is used to easyly identify the RoHS compliant modules.

What is the insulation voltage test method for IGBT module?

Short-circuit all main and control terminals and apply a specified AC voltage between all terminals and the backside metal area for a specified time period.