In which applications does Fuji recommend to use hybrid SiC modules?

They are used in industrial inverters, auxiliary inverters for equipment in the Shinkansen cars, high capacity UPS, electric power storage system, etc.

What are the benefits of a hybrid SiC module?

The benefits are the negligible small diode losses of the SiC diodes. In the following two comparative examples are given for an all-silicon device and a hybrid device with 1200V/300A rating. (1) If both modules have a fixed output current Io=212Arms and the switching frequency of the hybrid module is raised to 1.5 times of […]

What is the reason of power cycle capability ΔTj curve bending at 50oC?

ΔTj power cycle breakdown mode will become solder degradation mode in the operation with large temperature variation and wire peeling mode in the operation with relatively small temperature variation. Additionally, the transition from plastic to elastic behavior occurs at around 50oC, which causes an inflection point in the curve.

What is the power cycle capability ΔTc?

Power cycle capability is the capability of the module to withstand repeated heating and cooling. The case temperature Tc will goes up and down until the modules fails: Stress strain is generated between the metal base plate and the insulating substrate causing fatigue in the solder under the insulating substrate. Refer to technical documents describing […]

What is the dead time?

“To prevent a short-circuit in the upper and lower arms, it is necessary to set an on-off timing delay between the different arms. During the so called ‘dead time’ period both devices are switched off. For details, refer to Chapter 7.3 of IGBT Module Application Manual.”

Where can we obtain the latest version of data sheets?

The data sheets can be downloaded from Fuji Electric web site. The use of parametric search is recommended. Please contact Fuji Electric Corp. of America or your local sales representative or distributor to answer your question.

Why do the currents balance if IGBTs with positive temperature coefficients are connected in parallel?

“Let’s consider the case where two IGBTs with different VCEsat are connected in parallel. (1) A larger amount of the current will flow through the IGBT with smaller VCEsat. (2) Due to the larger current flow, the total loss of the IGBT becomes large and the junction temperature increase. (3) If the IGBT has a […]

Can the same thermal grease used for conventional IGBT modules (all-silicon chip) also be used when mounting hybrid SiC modules?

For hybrid SiC modules, the same thermal grease used for conventional all-silicon chip IGBT module can also be used.

Where is a NTC mounted in a module?

Please contact Fuji Electric Corp. of America or your local sales representative or distributor to answer your question.

How can we reduce radiation noise?

Radiation noise can be reduced through methods such as reducing the loop current area where noise is generated, or adjusting the gate resistance. For details, refer to IGBT’s Application Manual Chapter 10.