Are there any simulation models for the semiconductor products?

A simulation model such as a SPICE model is not available.

How do I estimate the junction temperature (Tj)?

Junction temperature can be estimated based on generated losses and thermal resistance Rth(j-c). For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter 6-2.1. We provide a free software to calculate IGBT’s temperature at 2-level inverter, 3-level inverter, and chopper circuits. This software can be downloaded here.

What functions do the IGBT Simulator have?

The IGBT Simulator can estimate the power loss and temperature for a 3-phase 2-level inverter circuit, 3-phase 3-level inverter circuit, and chopper circuit of an IGBT and FWD. It can also calculate loss and temperature under variable inverter operation conditions such as output current and switching frequency. Changes in loss and temperature when the load […]

How do I calculate IGBT losses?

Fuji provides a free software to calculate the IGBT losses. The following steps can be followed to obtain the figure. (1) Download our Loss Simulator (2) Launch our Loss Simulator (3) Enter data on the chip series, circuit configuration, voltage rating, and current rating. Select your model type. Click “”Next”” (4) Enter data on the […]