For thermal calculations of IGBT module, which numeric value should be used, chip or terminal, to estimate/calculate the values of VCEsat and VF?

When you estimate the junction temperature Tvj, please use the chip characteristic data for the calculation.

Can I use roller and spatula for applying thermal grease to an IGBT module, or is there a problem ?

If roller and/or spatula is used to apply thermal grease, the amount of application may vary or it is impossible to coat the grease evenly. Therefore, those tools are not recommended. Instead, we strongly recommend an application of the grease using stencil masks (See Q40).

How can we estimate the IGBT junction temperature from the NTC thermistor built in an IGBT module? What is the heat resistance between the junction temperature and NTC thermistor?

It varies depending on conditions such as internal structure of the module, thermal grease and cooling fins. Please contact Fuji Electric Corp. of America or your local sales representative or distributor to answer your question.

Overheat protection and temperature output functions are built in a small IPM. Which temperature is detected?

The temperature of LVIC (low voltage IC for low arm IGBT drive) is detected. It is not the junction temperature of the IGBT.

What is the successor of the thermal grease G746 (by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd) which is recommended in the IGBT Module Application Note?

Fuji recommends the paste ‘G776’. Please contact Shin-Etsu Chemical for details. However, Fuji Electric does not guarantee its characteristics when combined with IGBT module.

What is the relation between switching loss and DC voltage VCC?

They are almost proportional. The switching loss increases as the DC voltage becomes higher.

What is the reason of power cycle capability ΔTj curve bending at 50oC?

ΔTj power cycle breakdown mode will become solder degradation mode in the operation with large temperature variation and wire peeling mode in the operation with relatively small temperature variation. Additionally, the transition from plastic to elastic behavior occurs at around 50oC, which causes an inflection point in the curve.

What is the power cycle capability ΔTc?

Power cycle capability is the capability of the module to withstand repeated heating and cooling. The case temperature Tc will goes up and down until the modules fails: Stress strain is generated between the metal base plate and the insulating substrate causing fatigue in the solder under the insulating substrate. Refer to technical documents describing […]

Can the same thermal grease used for conventional IGBT modules (all-silicon chip) also be used when mounting hybrid SiC modules?

For hybrid SiC modules, the same thermal grease used for conventional all-silicon chip IGBT module can also be used.

There is a converter circuit in the PIM (Power Integrated Module). How to calculate losses of the diode in the converter circuit?

The average value of diode losses in the converter circuit is obtained from the formula below.