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Semiconductors Contacts in United States - Florida

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IGBT, MOSFETs, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Rectifier Diodes, SiC Devices, Pressure Sensors, Power Modules

Sales Contacts for: Semiconductors

Authorized Distributor

Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
40W267 Keslinger Rd PO Box 393
LaFox, Illinois 60147
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Authorized Representative

Micro Electronic Components
Barbara Valentine
621 NW 53rd Street, Suite 240
Boca Raton, Florida 66487
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South Florida

Micro Electronic Components
Joe Lowery
4502 West Elm Street
Tampa, Florida 33614
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West Coast & Panhandle Florida

Micro Electronic Components
Cesar Vargas
1609 Bryn Mawr Street
Orlando, Florida 33483
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Central & East Coast Florida