Fuji Electric Introduces Biomass Gas Analyzer in North America

Edison, N.J.  –  Fuji Electric announced today that they have developed a new biomass gas analyzer to meet the needs of biogas plants in North America.  The newly released ZPAF can simultaneously measure the concentrations of CH4, CO2, H2S and O2 in a sample gas while affording plant operators a high level of functionality.

“The innovative design of Fuji Electric’s ZPAF and its comprehensive set of features make it the perfect solution for biogas plants.  The benefits of our new analyzer are immediately realized through our space-saving design, high stability, and ease of maintenance,” said Donald Woolslayer, Fuji Electric’s General Manager of Instrumentation & Control, Transit Systems, and Radiation Detection Equipment.  “This analyzer offers a wide array of standard options including auto calibration control, high and low concentration alarms, remote range switching, and range identification signaling—all of which contribute to the safe and efficient operation of these plants.”

The ZPAF is lightweight and compact, at just 9 kg and a 19” rack mount.  Intended for indoor use, the gas analyzer is built with a steel casing and easy-to-read LCD display.  The ZPAF utilizes state-of-the-art technology to continuously measure gas concentrations to high accuracies including a non-dispersion infrared (NDIR) sensor to measure CO2 and CH4, a galvanic cell sensor to measure O2, and a constant-potential electrolytic sensor to measure H2S.  The single-beam NDIR sensor contributes to the ease-of-maintenance of the unit by eliminating the need for optical adjustment.

“Biogas systems are intended to provide a renewable source of energy, drive economic growth, and protect the environment,” added Woolslayer.  “Fuji Electric’s ZPAF biomass gas analyzer provides these biogas plants with an instrumentation solution that meets and exceeds their needs and helps them perform measurements efficiently and accurately.”

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