Fuji Electric Introduces Next Generation HMI Model

Edison, N.J., July 23, 2014Fuji Electric Corp. of America has introduced a new series of HMI products, with models ranging from 5.7” to 15”.  The Monitouch V9 Series includes three line-ups with the V9 Lite, V9 Standard, and the V9 Advanced, designed as a migration path for V8 Series customers while also offering step-up features to satisfy the requirements of more advanced applications.

“Fuji Electric is committed to manufacturing the next generation Human Machine Interface that will allow customers to select the appropriate model for their application, and the V9 Series offers them the option of choosing between a simple HMI, a standard model and a more advanced unit,” said Thomas Bopp, Fuji Electric’s General Manager of HMI, AC Drives, and Ring Compressors.  “With features such as remote connectivity for tablets and smartphones, a capacitive touch panel for smooth operation, and a wireless LAN interface, we can continue serving the evolving needs of our existing customer base while reaching new markets.”

All models in the V9 Series are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots, allowing for better connectivity to peripheral devices.  Select models will have on-board sound output, wireless LAN (access point incorporated), and will be Class 1 Division 2 rated, ideal for use in Oil & Gas applications.  The VNC server function ensures that all models can be accessed from a tablet PC, and the compatibility of all V9 series models with VPN means a safer and more secure network environment.  With a vibrant color display and PDF viewing capabilities, customers will enjoy the higher performance and ease of operation.

“The breadth of this new line-up of programmable operator interfaces is reflective of Fuji Electric’s engineering capabilities and our unwavering focus on innovation and product development,” added Bopp.  “Rather than simply adding new features to the V8 Series, we listened to our customers’ requests for a line-up that covered all their needs, which is why the V9 Series is appropriate for everything from the simplest applications to more advanced projects.”

About Fuji Electric Corp. of America
Fuji Electric Corp. of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., and has been responsible for sales and distribution of the company’s products since 1970.  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. began developing power electronics equipment in 1923, and is a global leader in industrial products ranging from semiconductors, HMIs, power supply, and power generation equipment to AC drives and electric vehicle charging stations.  For more information please visit www.americas.fujielectric.com  or follow us on Twitter @FujiElectricFEA.

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